Canoe Award

Canoe Award

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Mountain Water Expeditions Personal Performance Canoe Award

British Canoeing – Personal Performance Canoeing Awards:
British Canoeing – Canoe Award

The Canoe Award is one of the BCU Personal Performance Awards that are designed for paddlers wanting to gain recognition of their learning and development in canoe. 

This award allows paddlers to improve their decision making and basic skills. 

This is a single discipline, direct entry award.

There are three main elements to open canoeing technique; boat, body and blade. If you get the boat right, the body and blade will have to do less work. Once we get the body right then the blade falls into place. 

Open canoe paddling is the most diverse paddlesport discipline, because we can explore a variety of environments from the seat of an open canoe. 

The Canoe Award gives canoeists a good understanding of how to move a canoe in open water in wind up to force three, and on easy white water.

I have completed outdoor skills training with many quality bushcraft, survival, mountain training, and water sport companies and instructors. From this experience I can attest that Alan and his instructors at Mountain Water Expeditions are world class.  Alan comes from a professional teaching career, and it shows in his instruction. I highly recommend Mountain Water Expeditions, and will be completing more instruction with them in the future.

David Pickering, Manchester, UK.

One of the joys of open canoe paddling is the fluidity and grace with which a 15ft/16ft craft can be guided through the skill of a paddler with one long blade. To attain this skill can at first be difficult, but at Mountain Water Expeditions we can help you to begin mastering the art!  

We will teach you more than just strokes. We will show you good techniques, and make sure you know when and how to apply them.

We will cover all aspects of the syllabus helping you to acquire the basic skills for open canoeing. Like all our coaching we aim to give you straightforward options that will work in all environments. 

You can attend our Canoe Award as a training session or as an assessment, or perhaps both.  A candidate would receive two or three days of coaching in the skills needed for open water and moving water. All candidates will leave the course with a clear, precise and personalised action plan; safe in the knowledge that they have a range of techniques that are effective and safe. 


We run this course as a two days course or three days long option. The following elements will be covered to allow you to have your own paddling adventure or maybe even your own expedition under your own steam.  

Canoe Based Skill and Safety:

  • Efficient paddle strokes for travelling
  • Efficient turning and control strokes
  • The ability to work as a team in a boat
  • Decision making on open water
  • Decision making on moving water
  • Understanding weather and, in particular, wind and fetch
  • Improvised sailing
  • Rafting canoes
  • Dealing with a capsize
  • Deep water rescue techniques
  • Moving water rescue techniques
  • Packing a canoe and adjusting its trim
  • Introduction to poling
  • Lining
  • Tracking


This course is non-residential.

Canoeing Standard
This course is suitable for those with some canoeing experience as well as experienced paddlers.

Meeting Place

T.B.C normally somewhere within North Wales or the Lake District.

Course Date(s)

Canoe Award DateCourse/ActivityLocationPriceBook Now
5th & 6th February (7th as an optional day) 2020Canoe AwardNorth Wales£180 (2 day option) - £240 (3 day option)MWE-CTA-ENQUIRE
26th & 27th February (28th as an optional day) 2020Canoe AwardNorth Wales£180 (2 day option) - £240 (3 day option)MWE-CTA-ENQUIRE
5th & 6th March 2020Canoe AwardNorth Wales£180MWE-CTA-ENQUIRE

What we include

The price of the course includes; 

  • Coaching and guiding from experienced and helpful coaches
  • A single point of contact at Mountain Water Expeditions to provide you with consistent support throughout your experience.
  • Pre course information pack with lots of helpful advice, kit lists etc 
  • Canoe
  • Paddle
  • Canoe pole 
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Waterproof Rucksack and inner drybag (if needed)

What we do not include

  • Transport to and from the starting point
  • Personal kit and accident insurance
  • Items of personal canoeing kit that are not mentioned above for example waterproof clothing, drysuits, wetsuit boots etc
  • Any fees payable to British Canoeing for any BC award obtained
  • Food or drink

British Canoeing Qualifications

There is a possibility that on this training course you will be able to achieve certain British Canoeing Personal Performance awards.

Your coaching/instruction for the above award is covered within you course fee you will however be required to pay the additional costs associated with the certificate and providers fees which are payable to British Canoeing. 


Alan Pinnington or Lizzie Harrington

For further information or to book a place on this British Canoeing Canoe Award
course please email