White Water Kayak Leader Assessment

White Water Kayak Leader Assessment

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British Canoeing White Water Kayak Leader Assessment

The White Water Kayak Leader Award has many aspects to it allowing the candidate to leader in moderate white water, the Lake District or North Wales is the perfect place to complete your assessment.

At Mountain Water Expeditions we understand that assessments can be very stressful and work extremely hard to make them as relaxed as possible.

On our assessment we create the opportunity to show your leadership skills in all the appropriate environments.  This will include paddling and leading on a grade 2(3) river, along lots of rescue practice.

We know that candidates enjoy the assessment more when we bring real students for them to lead. This makes the whole course more relaxed. There is no need to pretend for scenarios and definitely no tricks or set ups.

All you have to do is take a few people paddling and look after them. We will make sure that they are at the right level for the environment and are happy to go paddling.

If you have any questions or require more information on our Course costs and available dates, please contact us info@mountain-water.co.uk