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Canoeing Mountain Water Expeditions, Water Based Activities

This is a deservedly popular choice of activity with many of our users, in particular the short expeditions that can be made from the craft; with the canoes being used to transport equipment as well as people. Originating from North America, canoes are large open craft which can seat one, two or three people and are manoeuvred by participants using a single bladed paddle.

The great benefit of canoeing, particularly if rafted up in a catamaran style, is that it builds up water confidence. It can be a much more relaxing and altogether far more social way of getting out onto the water for groups. Canoeing also allows people to push themselves within a team. Once on the water one can have fun playing games, learn about the coastal environment, discover fossils; or even learn how to sail their craft. All age groups can take part in canoeing throughout the year.

Canoeing ideally lends itself to undertaking a journey, carrying all that is needed in the boat; the longer trips certainly help to contribute to the development of teamwork, communication and perseverance. It also allows for even greater reflective exploration of the water environment.

It must be re-iterated that if required, canoes can be rafted up to create a very stable learning platform, allowing participants of any ability to gain a sense of achievement by contributing to the team effort.