Mountain Water Expeditions Land Based Courses

At Mountain Water Expeditions we offer a wide range of land based national governing body courses for you to choose from to further your own professional development.

Mountain Training – Lowland Leader Training
Mountain Training – Lowland Leader Assessment
Mountain Training – Camping Leader

There aren’t many experiences to rival seeing the sun rise from a camp on the mountainside. The exhilarating exhaustion you feel after a day in the hills. Or having your hair whipped by the wind at a new summit. These are the moments we live for.

In the wilderness, it is knowledge that sets you free and gives you the confidence to get out and explore for yourself. That’s why Mountain Water Expeditions have teamed up with the Mountain Training & National Navigation Award Scheme to offer some fantastic new courses that will give you the confidence to embrace the outdoors. Mountain Training newly launched their Hill & Mountain Skills course in April and Mountain Water Expeditions have been selected to be a provider.

The Hill & Mountain Skills courses will teach participants the fundamental skills of using a map, about the specialist equipment required, the effects of weather and how to deal with emergencies. Mountain Water Expeditions can share techniques and skills, and provide you with the tools to boost your confidence for your walking adventures.

We are also approved by Mountain Training to deliver the new Lowland Leaders Award. Once you have completed both the training & assessment elements you will then be qualified to lead groups of participants in the lowland areas around the UK.

If you want to camp over with your groups why not attend our MT Expedition Skills Module which will equip you with the skills & knowledge to safely lead overnight camping expeditions. This course is an ideal bolt on for people operating with Duke of Edinburgh Award groups at Bronze & Silver level expeditions.

Mountain Water Expeditions are also a course provider for Bronze and Silver National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS) courses. These courses give you an opportunity to review your current navigational knowledge and identify skills you would like to improve upon to safely and successfully navigate through the summer mountain environment and operate independently and confidently.

Being a mobile provider we can run these course in any suitable area of the UK, Mountain Water Expeditions are running these fantastic courses over two days.