British Canoeing – White Water Safety & Rescue (WWS&R)

The Mountain Water Expeditions canoe coach team is made up of active white water paddlers who coach regularly and are used to operating in the most advanced white water conditions. We practice what we preach and teach what we do. Who better to get the most up to date rescue knowledge from. All our coaches are qualified in both canoe and kayak so can help you with whatever craft you paddle.

As paddles we constantly make decisions that are based on our personal skills, the environment we are paddling in and keeping safe. We manage risk, so we can enjoy our sport. Every decision we make has plus and minus consequences. What should I carry in my safety kit? How heavy/light should my boat be? These and many other questions are the ones we ask ourselves as we head out on the river. So if you want to develop some answers based on fact and experience why not join one of our white water safety and rescue courses, you will spend dedicated time learning and practicing rescue skills which will lead you to become a more confident paddler and effective river team member.

Topics covered on the course include

Advantages and disadvantages of different safety equipment.

White water swimming.

Bank and boat based rescue of swimmers and equipment.

Safe and appropriate use of throwlines

Safe strategies to help trapped swimmers.

Evaluation of stoppers and getting equipment or swimmers out of them.

Features of chest harnesses and use of live bait techniques

Using mechanical advantage to retrieve equipment.

Wading strategies.

Safe group paddling strategies.

We believe that this course is all about white water paddling so we spend both days paddling boats so that we make sure you get real answers that will work on your next river trip. We will bring a range of white water canoes so that we can make sure you get the chance to play in both craft.

If you have any questions or require more information on our Course costs and available dates, please contact us