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Coasteering is a great way to explore Anglesey’s west coast – scrambling and swimming around the spectacular cliffs close to the water’s edge, we climb from bay to bay, scrambling over boulders and gullies. We often swim past harder sections, to simply enjoy being in the water. Add the sea caves and cliff jumps and you’ve got a fantastic outdoor adventure!

This is a great activity for all ages and abilities and every summer Mountain Water Expeditions introduce many adventurous (and not so adventurous) people to the excitement of this excellent activity. We can make the session as exciting or accessible as you like – it’s a great experience for a mixed-ability group. Action-packed with climbing, jumping and swimming, it’s a great team activity.

We’ll kit you out with full wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets – you’ll just need swimming costume, an old pair of trainers and warm clothing to wear after the activity session.

Our coasteering venues are all on the west coast of Anglesey . So don’t miss out – contact us today to book a great coasteering adventure!