David Pickering

An American Expat now living full time in the UK, with several decades of varied outdoor experience. Starting as a Marine Infantryman, and then Counterintelligence Agent, experience and training included Mountain Warfare School with the Korean Marine Special Recon School in Po Hong, South Korea; Jungle Survival, Philippines; Cold Weather Survival, Alaska; Desert Survival, California. After active military service, experience included managing Intelligence training and advising personnel and their logistics for remote expeditionary support to NATOunits in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Leaving that behind for the mountains of the UK, most time is now spent in the hills and mountains of the UK associated with mountain walking and canoe expeditions, with extensive and ongoing training in Bushcraft, survival, and mountaineering.  Qualified as a Duke of Edinburg Expedition Assessor and enjoying teaching and motivating potential future outdoor leaders.

Qualifications and Training

Mountain Training
Summer Mountain Leader
Hill and Moorland Leader Award
Expedition Module/Camping Leader Award


British Canoe Union

Canoe Open Water Leader Training
White Water Safety and Rescue
CST Kayak
Guide Models:
Camp Craft and Expeditionary Skills
Expedition Trip Planning and Organization


Bushcraft and Survival

Heros of Telemark Expedition – Ray Mears – Norway
Journeyman Bushcraft with Ray Mears – Scotland
Fundamental Bushcraft – Woodlore/Ray Mears
Bush Chef with Ray Mears
Camp Craft with Paul Kirtley/Frontier Bushcraft
Expedition Canoe Skills with Ray Goodwin and Paul Kirtley
Open Canoe Expedition, River Spey with Ray Goodwin and Paul Kirtley

REC 16 hour Outdoor First Aid