Paddlepower Award

Paddlepower Award

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British Canoeing – Paddlepower

Are you aged 16 or under and looking for a fun and exciting award while developing your canoeing skills?

Look no further… Paddlepower Awards have been designed especially for you!

You can work your way through the different levels one after the other, or start at the level you or your coach feel suits you best. Either way, you get a certificate when you’ve finished the course.

During each level you will get to learn a variety of canoeing skills and challenges and improve your knowledge – all in a fun and flexible way, and in different types of canoe.

There are four different levels

Paddlepower Start
This level can often be achieved after your first taste of canoeing.

Paddlepower Passport
Gradually moving you on from your initial taste of the sport, through various skills and knowledge, giving you a really good base from which you could choose to set off onto the next level. (Paddlepower Passport is recognised as an equivalent award to British Canoeing 1 Star)

Paddlepower Discover
Focusing on developing your technique, skills and knowledge further, all in a fun and flexible way. (Paddlepower Discover is recognised as an equivalent award to British Canoeing 2 Star)

Paddlepower Explore
Using the skills you developed during Passport and Discover to take part in a variety of canoeing events and journeys, exploring the great variety of opportunities in competitive and non-competitive disciplines.

If you have any questions or require more information on our Course costs and available dates, please contact us