Paddlesport Instructor Award

Paddlesport Instructor Award

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British Canoeing – Paddlesport Instructor Award

The Paddlesport Instructor (Level 1) is the first step on the paddlesport coaching pathway, and the entry point for most paddlesport coaches.

This qualification develops the foundation coaching skills that underpin coaching practice. Specifically, it introduces the fundamentals of safe, ethical and effective paddlesport coaching and is available as a bank-based or a boat-based qualification. The qualification is not discipline specific and is suitable for coaches who work with paddlers from any of the competitive and recreational paddlesport disciplines.
The course prepares coaches, for running taster sessions, coaching introductory core skills, coaching paddlers in a variety of craft and coaching in sheltered and very sheltered water conditions, normally with the support of a more qualified coach.

On the course coaches will develop the ability to plan, deliver and review short coaching sessions in a safe, ethical and effective manner.

To this end the course will cover ‘how to coach’ skills alongside technical understanding of ‘what to coach’, specifically relating to the skills that beginners need.

How to Coach

The course covers aspects of these ‘how to coach’ skills

Coach’s role and responsibilities

Planning coaching activities
Session preparation

Delivering coaching activities

Evaluating and reviewing paddlesport coaching activities

Technical, tactical, physical, psychological aspects of paddlesport


What to Coach

The course focuses on how to coach introductory core skills

Fundamental Paddlesport Skills (Posture, Connectivity, Power Transfer, and Feel)

Lifting and carrying

Launching and landing

Forward paddling

Reverse paddling

Stopping (forward and backwards)

Steering, turning and manoeuvring

Moving sideways

Preventing a capsize

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