White Water Kayak Leader Training

White Water Kayak Leader Training

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White Water Kayak Leader Training

British Canoeing White Water Kayak Leader Training

Would you like the confidence to lead a group of friends or peers on a white water kayak adventure?

As a white water kayak Leader you will have the ability to do this, you and your group would be qualified for the following activities:

Paddle a grade two (three) river in kayak

The foundation of good leadership in paddlesport is personal skill, as it allows you to focus all your attention on the group. Once a leader is comfortable in the environment they can easily help and instruct others. On our training course we will help you improve your personal paddling to let you move around the river or lake thoughtlessly. As you do this you will have plenty of time to think about the group and plan what they should do. This will allow you to match the technical skill of your group to the difficulty of the river or lake and then make a safe decision as how to lead them.

Rest assured that at the end of a Mountain Water Expeditions training course your personal paddling and technical understanding will have improved significantly.

We will give you demonstrations of best leading practice and allow you to try them with the support of an extremely experienced coach at your side.  We will give you as much freedom to make decisions as you want while always being there to help if necessary.

Personal Paddling Skills

Efficient and effective river running skills

Forward paddling

Breaking in and out

Ferry gliding


Surf small waves

Paddle into and out of small stoppers

Moving sideways on the move



Tactical understanding

Environmental considerations

Maintaining direction

Changing direction

Rescue Skills

Swimming and self-rescue

Throwline rescue

Rescue a capsized, swimming paddler and their equipment

Incident management and first aid in the moderate water environment

Effective group leader/Group member in rescues and incident

Safety, Leadership & Group Skills

Skilful application of leadership principles (e.g. CLAP)

Appropriate leadership strategies, positioning, judgement and decision- making

Safety awareness and risk management

Group control and management

Intervening strategies

Controlling and managing outcomes





Wellbeing, health and first aid Access



Group awareness and management Water features and hazards Navigation


General knowledge

Leadership responsibilities Personal paddling skills

If you have any questions or require more information on our Course costs and available dates, please contact us info@mountain-water.co.uk