DofE Award Consultancy Service

DofE Award Consultancy Service

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Do you want to offer DofE at your institution but feel like you don’t know where to start? Or you don’t have the staffing time or resources to allocate to the project? Mountain Water Expeditions DofE Award Consultancy Service could be for you.

“Mountain Water Expeditions have provided high quality Lowland Leader training equipping staff with the knowledge and skills they need in delivering a successful Duke of Edinburgh. The training was in depth and looked at different scenarios which might occur and how to solve these issues effectively. Staff completed the course feeling confident and equipped and whilst on Duke of Edinburgh expeditions they put their skills and knowledge into action allowing the expeditions to run smoothly and efficiently. 

Mountain Water’s outdoor first aid course is the best course I have ever been on. This course was delivered with staff actively performing and practicing first aid and having to deal with scenarios which might occur on expeditions or everyday life.  Completing the outdoor first aid course enabled staff to have the confidence to deal with any first aid issues on the expedition and also pass on their knowledge to the pupils”. 

Katie Swan – Teacher Holy Family RC School, Thornton, Liverpool.

If the answer to any of the above is a yes, why not consider a personalised and bespoke DofE Award Consultancy Service from Mountain Water Expeditions; a company with many years of experience of acting as the DofE manager in several large organisations and in offering DofE training and assessment expeditions, and DofE Gold residentials.

The team at Mountain Water Expeditions are highly experienced in training and supervising groups and group leaders on the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

Alan first became involved with the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme as a participant as a young man, working his way through the scheme to gain his Gold Award.  Alan then went on to become the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expedition Worker for Knowsley Council before going to university. While working at a large secondary school in the North West of England, Alan was given responsibility for managing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme with over 250 plus pupils working their way through Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. Alan was instrumental in his school becoming the first Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Direct License Centre for a state school in the U.K and he was also successful in the school’s application to become a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Approved Activity Provider for expeditions.

Examples of how we can help and provide a personalised bespoke service for your organisation

  • Provide DofE manger services and expedition advice
  • Help with the running of staff training with a National Governing Body Award in the outdoors to allow you to run the award in house
  • Provide a student eDofE help service
  • Establishing safety frameworks for expeditions
  • Identifying and organising appropriate locations for expeditions
  • Sourcing expedition equipment
  • General outdoor advice and information

So, whether you are new to DofE or an old hand; our DofE Award Consultancy Service ranges of our expertise means that our input can often prove invaluable. And, if nothing else, 35 years of experience and 100% safety record offers that extra reassurance and peace of mind that we all sometimes need.

Why choose Mountain Water Expeditions?

Who we are – The Team?

We are a teacher lead organisation who understand the current demands places upon school staff who want to get their young people out into the outdoors.

Our coaches / instructors are highly experienced outdoor professionals coming from a variety of backgrounds. This wealth of experience enables us to cater for individuals, groups and national companies when delivering our programmes and activities. 

Quality of Service

Customer service and attention to detail matter to us. Our experienced, friendly team are passionate about being outside and want you to gain as much as possible from your time with us. We do the planning for you so you have a safe and enjoyable trip. Your safety is our highest priority and Mountain Water Expeditions has a perfect safety record. We are happy to answer as many questions as you may have about your trip. 


Safety is at the forefront of everything we do. Mountain Water Expeditions has taken all necessary steps to ensure that our expedition programmes provide an appropriate challenge for participants without compromising on safety. 


The Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) is the body which regulates adventurous activities in the UK. It is a government body and part of the Health and Safety Executive. Mountain Water Expeditions is licensed by AALA to provide; 

Activity categories covered by the licence: 

  • Climbing
  • Watersports 
  • Trekking 

Specified Activities: 

  • Abseiling 
  • Hill Walking & Mountaineering  
  • Kayaking  
  • Canoeing 
  • Rock Climbing 

Our licence number is Reference Number is R2213, details of our licence can be confirmed by following the following weblink:

Mountain Water Expeditions

Reference No: R2213 Licence No: L119631Issue Date: 23 Sep 2023 Expiry Date: 22 Oct 2025 

Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) – Quality Badge

Mountain Water Expeditions has been awarded the LOtC Quality Badge by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom. This badge provides for the first time a national award combining the essential elements of provision – learning and safety – into one easily recognisable and trusted accreditation scheme for all types of learning outside the classroom provider organisations. Our quality badge number is R2QB104621, details of our licence can be confirmed by calling the LOtC on 01479 811448.  

Adventure Mark – AAIAC

Mountain Water Expeditions has been accredited by Adventuremark which is a non- statutory safety accreditation scheme devised by the Adventure Activity Industry Advisory Committee for providers of adventurous activities. 

Adventuremark allows Mountain Water Expeditions to demonstrate to our customers and users that the relevant arrangements for managing the potential risks of adventure activities which have been inspected and found to meet the AAIAC provider accreditation standards which define “good practice” in the adventure activity industry. All providers who hold Adventuremark will have undergone an inspection to confirm compliance. 

DofE Approved (Expedition section for ALL three levels of the award & Gold Residential) 

Mountain Water Expeditions is a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Approved Activity Provider. We work closely with DofE head office and DofE operating authorities across the country to ensure our programmes fulfil the DofE expedition requirements. 


We utilise the latest technology to ensure our groups have a safe and enjoyable expedition experience. We have a stock of Personal Locator Beacons which we issue to groups undertaking expeditions in remote areas. 


Our real strength is our fantastic team of instructors. They are all fully qualified and have the necessary experience to deliver the activities we have available. Each instructor holds the National Governing Body qualifications appropriate for the activity you employ us to deliver. 

First Aid

All of our instructors are qualified first aiders and have attended activity specific courses to enable them to deal efficiently with any situation that may arise. 

Enhanced Disclosure and Barring (DBS) checks

As part of our child and adult protection policies all our instructors and office staff have Enhanced Disclosure and Barring (DBS) checks. These are renewed every three years. 


We are fully insured to deliver training and expeditions through BAHIS. We hold a public liability policy which covers up to £10,000,000 and an employer’s liability policy. 

Email us today on or call us on 07582 062 257 to discuss your DofE Gold Residential Expedition requirements.