Water based Courses/British Canoeing

Water based Courses/British Canoeing

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At Mountain Water Expeditions we offer a wide range of water based national governing body courses for you to choose from to further your own professional development.

Whether it be a personal performance award, leadership awards, water safety awards or attend one of our coach education awards there will be a course to suit your ability level.

British Canoeing – Personal Performance Awards

Paddlepower Award

Canoe Award

Progressive Canoe Award

White Water Award

Progressive White Water Award

Sea Kayak Award

Coastal Sea Kayak Award

British Canoeing – Leadership Awards

Paddlesport Leader Training

Paddlesport Leader Assessment

Canoe Leader Training

Canoe Leader Assessment

White Water Kayak Leader Training

White Water Kayak Leader Assessment

Sea Kayak Leader Training

Sea Kayak Leader Assessment

British Canoeing – Water Safety

Foundation Safety & Rescue

Whitewater Safety & Rescue

Coaching Education Award

Paddlesport Instructor Award

Canoe Coach Training (Sheltered Water)

Kayak Coach Training (Sheltered Water)

Canoe & Kayak Coach Training (Sheltered Water)

Core Coach Training

Open Water Canoe Coach Training

White Water Canoe Coach Training

White Water Kayak Coach Training

Sea Kayak Coach Training

Canoe Coach Assessment (Sheltered Water)

Kayak Coach Assessment (Sheltered Water)

Canoe & Kayak Coach Assessment (Sheltered Water)

Open Water Canoe Coach Assessment

White Water Canoe Coach Assessment

White Water Kayak Coach Assessment

Sea Kayak Coach Assessment